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Reaching Out to Hispanic Voters During the Pandemic

MIAMI, FL – July 8, 2020 – (LATINX NEWSWIRE) - Today the coronavirus has made it impossible to approach voters at their doorstep. But there is a solution for candidates to reach prospective voters. It’s the unique TeleCanvassing™ LLC, outbound calling platform.

The company offers candidates an outbound calling service that offers a customizable methodology specifically designed to successfully reach voters in areas with significant Hispanic populations. TeleCanvassing™ has a team of more than 300 bilingual Hispanics, residing in the United States, who have a great deal of experience in bi-lingual voter outreach. They are able to explain to voters, by telephone, in a friendly, yet concise, manner why a candidate deserves their vote.

Vilma Sanchez, Director of Marketing for TeleCanvassing™ explained; “Our platform uses updated voter lists that allow us to segment Hispanic voters by their language preference, age, sex, prior voting history and, importantly, National Heritage”.

At a time when a high percentage of people will not answer calls from an unknown number, the TeleCanvassing™ platform places the candidate's name on the recipient’s Caller ID screen.

The language used in the call is the language preferred by the potential voter and TeleCanvassing™ matches the caller to that of the recipient’s National Heritage. This personalized approach significantly improves communication and positively impacts the acceptability of the candidate’s message.

At the end of the call, the TeleCanvassing™ platform sends a personalized text message thanking the voter for their time and offers them a link to the candidate's website.

In this upcoming election, the U.S. Hispanic community will play an important role — in many cases, a decisive role. But it is important that Hispanic voters be aware of the candidate's qualifications and how and what they stand for as it relates to their issues of concern.

The unique TeleCanvassing™ service is a most effective means for candidates to reach out to inform the diverse U.S. Hispanic electorate.