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Latino Consumers a Major Target for U.S. Beauty Industry

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With Hispanic men spending approximately eight dollars more per month on hair products than non-Hispanic men, and a majority of Hispanic women claiming that “wearing makeup and looking good is essential,” the Latino community has become a major target for the American beauty industry.
According to an article by Reach Hispanic, 69 percent of Hispanic women claim that makeup is essential for everyday life, compared to only 46 percent of the total population women in the U.S.
Major beauty companies like Proctor and Gamble have begun using Latina women in their advertising campaigns in light of the importance many Hispanic men and women place on beauty products.
With the Latino population becoming a top priority, new ad campaigns have sprung up that feature celebrities, including Eva Mendes (U.S. Pantene), Sofia Vergara (Cover Girl), and Jennifer Lopez (Gillette Venus).
Big name companies in the beauty industry are hoping that their new ad campaigns will spark profits by attracting even more Latino customers, the report said.
(Photo by Jenn via Flickr)

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