How to Spot 'Mal de Ojo'

Mal de ojo, or “the evil eye”, usually plagues children or the weak, but how do you tell if you’ve been touched by the folk illness?
According to, victims of mal de ojo are plagued by sudden bad luck or physical manifestations like loss of appetite, fever or the inability to sleep.
“The reason folk illnesses like mal de ojo maintain such a hold despite not being recognized by Western medicine is because they fit into a culture’s definitions of illness, therefore making them just as real as a disease like diabetes or the common cold,” the report said.
Because the ailment is specific to Latino culture, those suffering from mal de ojo often seek the aid of a curandera, a folk healer who customarily absorbs the negative energy from their body, usually through an egg. Prayer also plays a key role in ridding a person of the evil eye.
The report continued on to say that it is important for folk healers to be a source of information for Hispanic patients seeking treatment for mal de ojo, and for them to “[steer] them towards other medical care if mal de ojo appears to be the symptoms of an underlying condition.”
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  1. Also fill up a glass of water and put it in the corner of your room..this will ward off “El Espiritu Burlon!

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