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Our Favorite………Paella

Costa Del Sol New LogoCosta Del Sol opened it doors in south end Hartford over 25 years ago and is now known for its traditional menu that includes home-style dishes and savory offerings of seafood, pork, chicken, and beef.

Their  ‘paella’ however has been the dish that has identified them from the start, although they are constantly working to keep the menu fresh and as the restaurant-going public has grown more aware of international foods and flavors, especially with the Spanish cuisine craze, Costa del Sol has managed to keep steps ahead with innovative offerings.

Costa del Sol is operated by a first generation family from Galicia, Spain which includes Pepe, Emilio, Moncho, Maria, Gely and Javier – its their devotion to spreading the Spanish cuisine gospel that has made Costa del Sol a popular dining choice.
Costa del Sol,  901 Wethersfield Avenue, Hartford, CT, Telephone: 860 296-1714

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