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Madelyn Colon, CTLatinoNews.com’s newest contributing writer, is one of the panelists on WNPR’s “Where We Live” with John Dankosky today from 9 to 10 a.m. and rebroadcast again at 7 p.m.
Colon will be among the panelists discussing the question of Puerto Rico political status. While the status of Puerto Rico has been debated for more than 100 years, in a referendum this past November, 54 percent of Puerto Rican voters said they wanted to change their commonwealth status to statehood. In a second question, when asked what they preferred the island status to be, 61 percent said they favored statehood.
Questions have been raised over whether the status referendum is legitimate because 466,000 residents voted on the first question but declined to vote on the second question.  Numerous referendums on the topic of the island’s status have been held over the years to determine if Puerto Rico should remain in its current status as a commonwealth, or move toward statehood, while a small minority support independence.
Colon has most recently served as an assistant treasurer and as a senior policy analyst for the office of the state treasurer and is well known in Latino political circles.
“Where We Live” airs on 90.5 FM or listen via streaming audio online at the WNPR website.


One thought on “CTLatinoNews.com Writer on WNPR Today

  1. CtLatinoNews.com is delighted to welcome Madelyn Colon as a contributor. She has had a stellar career, has worked as a policy analyst and cares deeply about Latino issues.
    Her insights will provide our readers with thought-provoking articles on legislative and other issues that impact Latinos in our state.
    Diane Alverio

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