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Hispanic Sports Market: It's More than Soccer

hispanic sports
With the 2014 World Cup approaching quickly, the targeted emphasis is placed on the Hispanic sports market.
According to Reach Hispanic, Street & Smith’s Sports Business Daily Global Journal’s ‘On the Ground’ has provided an intriguing panel discussion encircling the Hispanic sports Market at the 2013 Intersport Activation Summit titled, The Shifting Paradigm of Hispanic Sports Marketing and Sponsorship Activation.
The panel assessed the targeted Hispanic demographic and paid special consideration to the idea that the focus should not solely place emphasis on soccer, but other sports as well that is based upon region.
Lino Garcia is noted to have said it best: “Soccer is a big driver in sports for Hispanics. Two-thirds of the U.S. Hispanic population is Mexican; their number one sport is soccer. South Americans, their number one sport is soccer. However, when you look at the Caribbean and their top sports, soccer is not even one of them. It’s baseball, basketball, NFL. You can’t get the whole marketplace if you’re only focusing on soccer.”
The panel also noted the U.S professional sports league’s efforts to acknowledge Hispanic importance with deeds including: NFL’s Hispanic heritage month celebration, the NBA’s Spanish Language website, and NASCAR’s nascent efforts to reach the Hispanic population.
(Photo via Reach Hispanic)

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