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Champions of Change

Jaime BelloJaime Bello proudly points to an  LCS ad on a bus 

His  name is Jaime Bello and he is a bus driver at CT Transit. He is the father Yvette Bello, the Executive Director of Latino Community Services in Hartford.  Over the years, Jaime has volunteered his time to help out on general repairs and maintenance for the non-profit agency his daughter runs, saving she says valuable dollars.
Yvette tells us her dad has helped make the workspaces at LCS better for staff and clients. Some of his projects include: Converting the LCS mobile unit from a camper to a testing unit.   He has also renovated at least three rooms in LCS  office with laminate flooring and updating the rooms.  Jaime Bello who came to the U.S from Mexico is an inspiring example of using the skills you have to make a difference.  We asked him a few questions, he is not a man of many words but clearly of action, which makes him a Champion of Change!
Why did you choose to volunteer your time?
It is very satisfying to be able to help others. It is in my nature to do things for the needy.
What skills do you think you have to offer?
I’m a problem solver. I put my mind into a project and if there is a challenge I’m able to solve it. I call it using my life’s experience.
Do you think sometimes people think they can’t be helpful, so they don’t get involved?
I think people  have lost the ability to be sensitive to the need of others.
What advice would you give about volunteering?
My advice for the new generation is to teach them how  to get involved and help the less fortunate because one never knows when one will be in need.  Bottom line, when I’m able to help someone  – it brings a satisfaction that makes me feel spiritually at peace.

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