Young Professionals Commemorate 50th Year Of Civil Rights Act


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Nelson J. Rodriquez, NSHMBA, Natalie Holder-Winfield, QUEST Diversity and Governor Dannel Malloy
A unique diversity gathering to celebrate 50 years of Title VII, which is better known as the “Civil Rights Act of 1964”,  brought numerous Latino professional groups together, along with members of several professional black associations throughout the state.
Lisa Bonilla, of ALPFA, which is made up of Latinos in the finance industry, said commemorating the milestone is important for all, but especially young professionals so history is not forgotten.  “Prior to 1964 in America, “We The People” didn’t include a lot of minorities’ on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. It’s important to celebrate our milestones in the History of the U.S. Equal Employment. We all need to understand and learn to appreciate our differences,” she said.
Event organizer, Natalie Holder-Winfield of QUEST said,  “I wanted to work with organizations that are committed to advancing diversity to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Title VII  of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  This was an opportunity to celebrate the fruits  of the law that made it unlawful to discriminate in the workplace and in recruitment based on race, color, national origin, sex/gender, and religion.”
Holder-Winfield said the event which was held at the Governor’s Residence, was a success and Governor Malloy, who was not expected to attend, she said seemed impressed when he stopped by and stayed for a few minutes to mingle.  She hopes to make the gathering a yearly tradition.
The event, was also designed to be a networking opportunity for the diverse groups of professionals to expand their networks.  In addition to ALPFA, among the Hispanic professional groups participating, were the CT Hispanic Bar Association, the CT National Society of Hispanic MBAs. Also participating, were the National Association of Black Accountants, the Urban League of Hartford Young Professionals and the CT National Medical association.
A photo gallery of the celebration follows.
Members of ALPFA attending the event with Governor Malloy
Representatives of the CT Hispanic Bar Association, one of the participating organizations.
Nelson J. Rodriquez, NSHMBA, Yanil Terron, Center for Latino Progress and Cristhian Bedon
Attorney Matt Gordon of the CT Hispanic Bar Association, Nancy Perez of New York Life and Christian Valencia mingle on the terrace of the Governor’s residence.
Young professionals help commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
Natalie Holder-Winfield, addresses the attendees with representatives of the participating organizations.
The first ever diversity networking event brought out young Latino and Black professionals from around the state.
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