Young Latinos to Watch in the Fashion Industry


Nelson Tavares, left, is called a rising star by United Color of Fashion. See the interview video below.
Three up-and-coming Latino designers were among a dozen students and recent graduates of The Art Institute of New York City who presented a show of their collections alongside the fashion industry’s most elite couturiers, models, and celebrity stylists during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Lincoln Center.
One designer, Nelson Tavarez, was born in El Corozala, small town in the Puerto Plato province of the Dominican Republic. Tavarez, who moved to New Jersey when he was 9 years old, presented 10 pieces from his collection called “Within Shadows,” according to a recent article on
Luisina Victoria, also from the Dominican Republic, is the daughter of designer Diane Moto, who is known in that country as the “Designer of Queens.” Victoria presented her “Candy Land” line, a vibrant, colorful collection of cocktail dresses, pants, and long skirts, all made of silk.
Puerto Rico-born Joshuan Aponte moved to New York four years ago and grew up with fashion by watching his grandmother and mother make school uniforms, he told FoxNewsLatino. After working for a while at Walt Disney World Resort and living in California, Aponte moved to Queens, N.Y., where he enrolled in the Art Institute and has been successful since. Aponte’s collection is called “A Mort Dore” (Death of Gold), inspired by the 1849 Gold Rush.
Here is an interview with Nelson Tavares, who was chosen by United Colors of Fashion as a rising star.