Wondering What To Wear for Halloween? Here's A Few Latino-inspired Costumes


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Photo courtesy of vioxxi.com
With Halloween just around the corner, we couldn’t help but to get inspired by some of the most loved Latino celebrities.
We know that Frida Kahlo, Chapulin Colorado, Selena Quintanilla, Calaveras and Cantinflas are among the top choices for Latino-inspired costumes.
But why not change things around with these nine unique ideas that will most definitely rock Halloween?
From Walter Mercado and Gloria Trevi making comebacks, to all those fine stars who went viral on the Internet this year, we’ve got you covered with the best disfraz!

1) Walter Mercado

The famed astrologer made his comeback in 2014 with an online dating site.
What you need:

  • Any color blazer  –bedazzled with sequin, jewels, lace, diamonds, ect.
  • Rings of every kind –one on each finger if possible
  • An over-the-top bolo tie / pendant for the neck
  • Short-haired blonde wig
  • Light makeup –blush and baby pink lips, a must
  • A crystal ball –a light-weight bowling ball will get the job done
  • Don’t forget the long cape!

How to rock it:
You will have to release your inner vogue for this one and use lots of hand gestures while telling people their horoscope.
As you sign off for the night, don’t forget to say Walter Mercado’s memorable line: “Y que reciban de mi paz, mucha paz, pero sobre todo, mucho, mucho, mucho…*blow kiss* amorrrrrrrrrr.”

 2) Pitbull

What you need:

  • Bald cap
  • Oversized brown sunglasses
  • Tight white capri pants –this is essential in the look
  • Brasil polo shirt –don’t forget to tuck it in
  • White loafers
  • Fake tattoos and microphone will finalize the costume

How to rock it:
Smile. Smile at all times. But not just any smile, flaunt your biggest smirk, as if you started in the hood and now you’re singing at the World Cup Opening Ceremony.
Don’t forget to sing “We Are One (Ole, Ola)” and wave your hands from side to side, like you just don’t care.
Dale! y Hapi Hallowing Mami!

 3) Gloria Trevi

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