Women Leaders From South America And Arab Countries Convene



Credit: LatinaLista.com
The First International Forum of Women Leaders from South America and Arab countries took place from April 7-8, 2014 under the theme “Women leaders transforming the world.”
The two-day event was organized by the Arab League General Secretariat and Peru’s Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Women Affairs.
The forum tackled issues of promoting women’s roles in their societies, especially in the political and economic realms. It also encouraged women to persevere in growing their small and medium enterprises, according to Kuwait News Agency.
More than 400 leading women and female experts in the fields of politics, economy, and education were expected to attend this international event.
The event also aimed at enhancing cooperation between Arab and South American countries.
The South America-Arab Countries Summit (ASPA) is a forum for policy coordination among nation from these two regions, as well as a mechanism for cooperation in the fields of economy, culture, education, science, and technology.
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