Woman Says Ayala Punched Her During Bar Brawl


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State Rep.Christina Ayala
Police are investigating an accusation that state Rep. Christina Ayala,D- Bridgeport, punched her former boyfriends’s new girlfriend during a bar fight shortly before her ex-boyfriend allegedly set her car on fire, the Connecticut Post reports.
“It’s an ongoing investigation by our detectives,” Bridgeport police spokesman Bill Kaempffer said Thursday.
“This is news to me,” said Ayala, 29. “I’m still dealing with my car being set on fire so I really can’t comment on this now.”
Ayala was accused of slapping Pedro Rodriguez, the ex-boyfriend in question, in a fight at their Hillside Avenue home. Charges in that matter were dropped in March.
Hours before Ayala reported the car fire on Sept. 24, Alessandra Reyes filed a complaint with police that Ayala and her sister, Anis Ayala, had attacked her in a restaurant and bar owned by Ayala’s father, Alberto “Tito” Ayala.
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