Will The Networks Attract More Latino Viewers with Shows Like 'Cristela' and 'Jane the Virgin'?


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Photo courtesy of cronkitehhh.jmc.asu.edu
The TV networks would love to reach the huge and growing Latino audience. Last Friday, ABC introduced  “Cristela” — a sitcom starring comedian Cristela Alonzo as a law school student coping with her less than supportive family.
On Oct. 13, the CW premieres “Jane the Virgin” — a dramedy about a young woman who accidentally becomes impregnated when a doctor thinks she has come in for artificial insemination.
The Frame spoke with Alex Nogales, the president and CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition. We asked him how those new shows fit into the evolution of Latino representation — and under-representation — on television.
On how he thinks “Cristela” will be received:

We have something called the Latino Premiere Club, and we have influencers [watch] the different shows that the studios want to get behind. We saw “Cristela” and everyone was overwhelmingly happy with it. But beyond happy, they’re ready to promote it. We’re promoting it across the United States with all our [member] organizations.

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