Why Latinos Should Vote for Linda McMahon


Linda McMahon
By Linda McMahon
Republican U.S. Senate Candidate

When I meet Latino men and women throughout Connecticut, it is always an occasion to hear their stories, and to witness their determination to succeed in America and to build a better life for themselves and their families.  My own life reflects that of many Latinos, as I started from humble beginnings while quietly nurturing my dreams.  I grew up in the small town of New Bern, in rural N.C.  My dad built our house and our family struggled financially.  However, my parents gave me all their love, and they taught me to work hard, to cherish our family and faith, and to try to save for the future.  Those values have sustained me throughout my life, and I know how strong they are, as well, in the Hispanic community.
I met my husband, Vince, in our church, and, for us, it was love at first sight.  We got married right after I graduated from high school, and Vince and I have been together for 45 years.  Nothing came easy. I learned that I was pregnant with our first child, Shane, the day before I graduated from college.  We had no jobs, we had very little money and no health insurance.  I spent many sleepless nights, and it took us over a year to pay our medical bills.
When Vince and I decided to start our own business, we shared little more than a desk and a dream. There even came a time early in our marriage when we had to declare bankruptcy.  But we never gave up.  We worked incredibly hard, saved every penny we could, and gradually built our business.  I learned the great challenges of being a small business owner — what it means to meet your company’s payroll, to balance budgets, and to be responsible for all of your employees.  I am especially proud that, thanks to good decisions and sound investments, we were able to build a very successful business.  Our success, in turn, enabled us to hire more people, and to provide good health benefits and more opportunity for our employees.  Here in Connecticut, we created over 600 jobs.
The one thing Connecticut needs most today are more jobs. That is why I have drawn upon my knowledge and experience to present a jobs plan with six common-sense solutions. They include: a middle class tax cut that can save families $500 a month next year; lower tax rates on small business job creators; enhanced job training to empower a skilled workforce; an end to job-killing regulations and wasteful spending; and aggressive development of America’s energy resources.
I am confident that this plan will fuel the engines of small business in every community of Connecticut.  As our most powerful job creators, small businesses offer the best opportunity for thousands of Connecticut’s aspiring Latinos to climb as high as their God-given talents can take them. And the greater the opportunity, the greater the chance of more people sharing in the American Dream.  I want to help create that opportunity, so that people with the values of hard work, dedication and responsibility — reflected so well in the Latino communities — will have their shot at achieving success.