Why Latinos Should Vote for Chris Shays


Chris Shays
By Chris Shays
Republican U.S. Senate Candidate

There must have been times during the past four years when you looked at what was going on in Washington and thought, “These people have lost their minds!”  This is why I am running for the United States Senate.  My goal is to return sanity to government.
Our current administration’s policies are not working.  It’s not normal to have just 1.6% economic growth as we have had for the last eleven years. It’s not normal to have 15 to 20 million people unemployed. It’s not normal to have declining incomes. It’s not normal to a have a trillion-dollar deficit.
What is normal for America is prosperity. What is normal is sustained, 4% real economic growth, as we had for the first 200 years of our history.
The last time we had full employment, rising wages and a budget surplus was during President Clinton’s second term, when a Republican Congress and its Budget Committee, of which I was a senior member, reduced the growth of spending and cut the capital gains tax, pushing real GDP growth up to 4.4%. Strong economic growth is the only thing that can get Americans back to work and get wages on an upward trajectory.
In order to achieve real economic growth and restore the promise of America, we need to elect someone to the United States Senate with the experience, knowledge and guts to get the job done.
I represented the southwest region of Connecticut from 1987 to 2009 in the United States Congress. While there, we balanced the budget four years in a row, passed historic Welfare Reform, and I sponsored and voted for a Balanced Budget Amendment that failed in the Senate by just one vote.
There is simply too much at stake to send a novice to Washington. You wouldn’t want a medical student to give you a heart transplant. Why would we send someone with no experience to Washington? We need to elect someone who has a history of making the tough decisions, someone who can make an immediate impact on day one.
All Americans can unite behind an economy that enables each generation to be more productive and better off than the last; they know a better future is their birthright. I believe we can restore that promise of America. Please vote for me, Christopher Shays, on August 14.