Why Latinos Should Vote for Chris Murphy


Chris Murphy
By Chris Murphy
Democrat U.S. Senate Candidate

The United States is a proud nation of immigrants. Our country is defined by our ability to bring people to our shores from all nations, backgrounds, races, and religions, and blend together different cultures to create something unique and beautiful.  What binds our country together, at the foundation, is a belief in the American dream: that if you work hard and play by the rules, you can climb the economic latter.  For the Latino community, this is why they and their forefathers came to the American continent.  And it will be my mission as U.S. Senator to make sure the American dream stays alive.
It starts with fixing our broken immigration system.  Eventually we need to create a pathway to citizenship for certain undocumented workers, but right now, we should focus on making sure that young immigrants can stay here in the United States if they are receiving an education. I’ve been a strong supporter of the DREAM Act.  From a moral and economic standpoint, it just makes sense – we must keep young people, and their skills, here in America.
Second, we need to create good paying jobs for Latino families.  That’s why I’ve been at the forefront of the fight to bring jobs back to Connecticut through my ‘Buy American’ initiative that focuses on returning manufacturing jobs to our state. I supported the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which put hundreds of people in Connecticut back to work with construction jobs that made important infrastructures improvements, and there is still more work to be done. I’m a vocal advocate for diversifying our public workforce. We need police and firefighters to reflect the diversity of their communities.
And then, let’s focus like a laser on quality education.  If America is to stay competitive in our global economy, investments in education are paramount. Job training is one of the most important education investments we can make, and that’s why I’ve partnered with the Hispanic Center in Danbury to obtain funding for their community programs, like job training. I’ve also worked to get additional funding for Pathways/Senderos, an organization that serves local teenagers to prevent teen pregnancy and to keep at-risk youth in school. In perhaps the proudest moment of my career, I secured a $4 million federal grant to build a new community center at the Mount Pleasant Housing Project in New Britain, where my mother grew up.
My mother was able to raise herself out of poverty not only because she worked hard but because her government provided her with the tools she needed to succeed – to live the American Dream. I am running to represent you in the United States Senate because I want to make sure the resources that my mother had are there for you and your children. With your support, I can continue to be a strong voice for Latino communities, in the US Senate.