Why Are People From Honduras Leaving Their Country?


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  The number of unaccompanied minors from Honduras apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border shot up from less than 7,000 in fiscal year 2013 to more than 17,500 through July this year, making Honduras the country of origin for the highest number of those minors.

Here are some facts and figures to help understand the conditions that Hondurans face in their home country and their ties to the U.S., in the years leading up to the surge.

  1. The wave of all immigrants in the U.S. coming from Honduras — both authorized and unauthorized — is relatively new. Over half of Honduran immigrants currently living in the U.S. arrived in 2000 or later, and about a quarter since 2006, according to a Pew Research analysis of 2012 census data.
  2.  More  than 60% of the 573,000 Honduran immigrants in the U.S. are unauthorized, a higher share than those from Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico, where most other apprehended minors are from, according to an analysis by Pew Research’s senior demographer Jeffrey Passel.

     3.   Poor social and economic conditions plague a large share of Hondurans:

           In 2013, 64.5% of Hondurans were living in poverty, according to the

           World    Bank. That’s mostly unchanged since 2004. It’s also higher than the

          national poverty rates in El Salvador (34.5% in 2012), Guatemala (53.7% in

           2011) and Mexico (52.3% in 2012). In 2013, economic growth decelerated in

             Honduras to 2.6%, from 4% in 2012, according to the latest IMF assessment.

To read full report: http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2014/08/11/5-facts-about-honduras-and-immigration/