Whites Will Be Minority in US by 2043; In Schools by 2018


It’s happening faster than some expected. According to new research, by 2043 non-Hispanic whites will become the minority in the United States. It will happen within the nation’s schools in five years
Research posted at Voxxi.com shows research by the AP and others forecast this change coming to our doorstep somewhere around 2043.
The profile of a new “off-white America,” as the AP called it, is based on just a few of the following statistics.

  • More U.S. babies are now born to parents of color than whites.
  • More than 45 percent of students in K-12 are students of color. In the next five years nonwhite children will surpass 50 percent, Census data shows.
  • By 2039, racial and ethnic minorities will make up a majority of the U.S. working-age population.

Marcelo Suarez-Orozco, dean of UCLA‘s Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, told VOXXI that these unprecedented changes are a “fundamental transformation of the demographic profile” of the country.
“We are the only advance post-industrial democracy in the world where Latinos will constitute the plurality. It’s going to be an off-white spectrum,” he said.
Suarez-Orozco added that while Hispanics are the main driving force of a changing demographic, other ethnicities of immigrants are also helping to tip the balance that will make the U.S. a “minority-majority” nation in the fast-approaching future.