Welcome Sign for Latino Visitors At Disney Resort


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Photo Credit: Wiki Commons
By the time California rings in 2015, it’ll have a new demographic face. Demographers predict in the coming months, the state’s Hispanic population will become California’s largest ethnic group. And businesses are taking notice.
One of those powerhouse businesses – the Disney Resort in Anaheim – has upped its focus on the Latino community for the holiday season.
In a corner of Disney’s California Adventure, the sister theme park across the way from Disneyland, mariachi singers and colorful folklorico dancers surround the Three Caballeros. Those are the Latin-theme characters from a 1944 Disney feature that aimed to promote good will with Latin America.
At the “Viva Navidad” celebration in the park, Donald Duck wears a sombrero. He’s flanked by Panchito, the Mexican rooster with a big belt buckle; and José Carioca, the festive green parrot from Brazil.
Crowds gather to watch the colorful show. Park regular Nadine Prado of San Diego and her family stand and watch.  She said she’s glad the Disney parks have embraced her Latino culture.
“Not everybody celebrates just Christmas. Some people do a certain way, like the traditional tree and Santa Claus,” Prado said. “With Mexicans, it’s about a fiesta and fiesta bowls, and like street fairs and stuff like that. That’s how we celebrate it, and it’s pretty cool that they have a little section for us.”
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