Website Launches Career Hub for Latina Moms


Through a partnership with JobTarget and the SocialMoms Network, lifestyle and social media hub for Latina mothers has launched a full job directory.
According to a release from the website, the initiative aims to give Latina mothers direct access to career services and employers through virtual job fairs and social media.
The job board will be updated with new listings every day. seeks to “create one of the largest digital job boards for Latinos, providing the Hispanic community with a tangible path toward career achievement.”
Latina moms drive the employment discussion in every household, both for themselves and those they love,” Rene Alegria, founder and CEO of Mamiverse, said. “Mamiverse Jobs will leverage the power of social media and connect job seekers with an array of career options on a massive scale, as well as connect employers with millions of talented Latino applicants.”
The job board will work to lessen the blow since the Hispanic community has taken the brunt of hit from the recession, losing the most wealth compared to their African-American and White counterparts. According to a study by the Urban Instituet, Latinos lost 44 percent of their average wealth between 2007 and 2010.
Niraj Kataria, Director of Diversity Solutions at JobTarget, said he was “pleased” to create a direct way for employers to reach out to Latinas searching for employment.
The site will also post additional written and video content on on the job search and career change processes. According to the release, “Mamiverse Jobs will work with high-profile experts in each field, establishing a robust network of highly qualified Latinos, whose goal is to achieve professional success for themselves and their families.”