Want Inauguration Tickets? Call Your Senator Now


Tickets for the swearing in of President Barack Obama on Jan. 21 are in heavy demand. Your best bet is to get your name on a list at your U.S. representative’s office, U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal or U.S. Sen.-elect Chris Murphy.
The Connecticut Post reports that Blumenthal has an allotment of 300 tickets and Murphy is expected to have the same. Don’t bother calling U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman, the outgoing senator. His office didn’t receive any because his term ends before the inauguration.
Blumenthal told the CT Post, “We’ve received requests way in excess of that number. So we’re probably going to do a lottery.” Those constituents who do get picked will most likely be limited to two to four tickets, according to Blumenthal, who said some requested as many as a dozen tickets.
One thing you could do, if unsuccessful in scoring free tickets, is go to a ticket broker, but be prepared to pay. Some sites are charging up to $12,500 for the free tickets. Blumenthal, CT’s former attorney general, suggested, “It sounds to me like the attorney general of some state should look into it.”