Vroom, Vroom – NASCAR Wheels into Telenovelas


Mexican actress Kate Del Castillo stars in Univision’s ‘Arranque de Pasión, La Historia de Ela’
A sport not often associated with Latinos has jumped into the fray in a big way by marrying NASCAR and telenovelas on Univision.
It runs now through May 5 and is called “Arranque de Pasión, La Historia de Ela.” It tells the story of Ela Rivella, a sexy, headstrong race car driver in love with two brothers named Jordi Fernandez and Checo Fernandez.
According to BostonHerald.com, “This remarkable blend of speed and cheese will debut on Univision’s website in a series of five- to seven-minute episodes starting in April before appearing on Univision on May 5. Called “Arranque de Pasión, La Historia de Ela,” it’s an audacious attempt to expand the NASCAR brand into the growing Latino population through a particular form of storytelling.”
NASCAR’s entertainment arm realizes it’s trying something unusual, but NASCAR vice president of entertainment marketing Zane Stoddard believes novelas are one way to crack a market that’s been targeted for a decade with varying success.
NASCAR already had worked with Univision to put a racing-themed storyline into an existing show 18 months earlier. Last summer, NASCAR decided an original novela was an idea just crazy enough to work — a unique chance to expand the Spanish-speaking world’s awareness of its sport.