Volunteering Can Help You In Your Job Hunt


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Credit: Flickr Public Domain
If you have been unemployed, underemployed, or just not happy for some time, you may be feeling a sense of hopelessness. Investing countless of hours a day job hunting to feel lucky to have received just one response can begin to demoralize even the most optimistic person.
But you can take action and gain control over the direction of your career simply by volunteering. Volunteering your time is one way to help you not only feel a little better about your situation, but to possibly help you in that very same job search. Here are some ways…
Skill Enhancement
Choose a volunteer position that either enhances your skills set or challenges you to gain new ones. With decreased funding, many organizations are looking for unpaid help in skilled areas such as marketing, public relations, social media, web development and management, and much more.
Volunteering can also enhance communication, organizational and leadership skills, giving you real-life experiences to use during interviews.
Connecting with people is an integral part of career development. Volunteering affords you the opportunity to connect with likeminded individuals who will remember your efforts on behalf of a cause they also believe in.
These new members of your network may be able to provide valuable job leads and/or important introductions to people in the field of your interest.
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