Video Gaming Helps One Latino Get DREAM Status


For one young Latino all that time playing video games has really paid off. He has been determined eligible under the DREAM Act to stay in the U.S. for two years pending a possible shot at permanent status.
According to NBC Latino, Jose Muñoz, an honors high school graduate, was depressed because he didn’t have the right papers to go to college. He couldn’t get a job, a driver’s license or a car, in spite of living in the U.S. since he was 1.
Now 25, Muñoz, “went to see an attorney who told him he met all the requirements for deferred action, however he had one problem. He had to prove his residency in the U.S. since June 2007. Since he graduated high school in 2005, lived with his parents, and didn’t have a work or medical record, he didn’t know how to prove his existence in the U.S.”
It was his “Xbox Live account where he bought games since 2007,” according to Nuñez, along with his proof of his address and account information that helped prove he had been in the U.S. since before 2007.
Ironically, now that Muñoz has status, he no longer has much time for video games. “I work seven days a week, but that’s OK, because I’m saving money to go to school and help my family,” he said.