Venezuelan Protestors Shed Clothes For Liberty



Credit: Twitter
The photos of a Central University of Venezuela student stripped naked of his clothes on campus by pro-government protestors has sparked a social media movement of Venezuelans who rather go naked than “without liberty”.
On April 4th masked militiamen stormed the Universidad Central de Venezuela’s campus hurling stones and fireworks at students who were demonstrating in anti-government rallies, battering some, and leaving a young male student naked. That student had to find his way out of the conflict, avoiding more injuries and the tear gas and grenades riot police were using to bring the tension under control.
As a result, Venezuelans took to Twitter and other social media, posting naked selfies in support of the unidentified student. They claim they rather be naked than go without freedom, using the hashtags #MejorDesnudosQueSinLibertad, #DesnudosConLaUcv and #MejorDesnudosQue.
Even actress and singer Maria Conchita Alonso joined in naked solidarity through Twitter.
The photo that sparked it all, a student stripped naked at the Universidad Central de Venezuela during an anti-government rally that turned violent. It sparked a naked campaign on Twitter. (AP Photo/Fernando Llano)
For more than six weeks since February tensions in Venezuela have been rising as protests for and against the Maduro government have turned violent.  Several deaths have been reported.
This weekend the Associated Press reported that Spain has indefinitely suspended the export of riot control equipment to Venezuela’s government.
The decision was made by a government panel March 6, but only now confirmed publicly.
Garcia Margallo said Spain has a special interest in Venezuela because 200,000 Spaniards live there.
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