Unemployment Can Lead to Heart Disease, Diabetes


We all know someone who is unemployed.  And you’ve probably already know that it is not good for your mental health. But a study by Harvard University found that the physical health of unemployed workers were twice as likely to report developing heart diseases or diabetes within a year from having lost their jobs.
According to a report in mamiverse.com, there seems to be growing evidence to support the strong connection between the two.  Stress—typically caused by financial difficulties—appears to be a key factor because it also causes changes in health behavior.
People who are unemployed stop going to the doctor to monitor health concerns, they have less or no resources and desire to participate in leisure activities that may help them cope with stress; their eating and drinking habits change leading to over indulge on comfort foods and alcohol to help them deal with their stress and anxieties.
Unemployment among Latinos is 11.0 percent which is higher than the national figures and while researchers warn more research must be conducted, additional studies seem to be confirming the relationship between unemployment rates and rates of overall mortality, especially due to cardiovascular diseases and suicide.
Experts say if you have friends or relatives who are unemployed, reach out to them; help them feel valuable and invite them to engage in healthy behaviors, like walking or playing sports. You could be saving their lives.
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