Two Latinas Pair Fashion with Philanthropy


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Close friends and Miami residents Liz de la Cruz-Jean and Gaby Ortega have joined fashion-savvy forces to create their online fashion boutique Alma Mei, or “Soul Beauty”. The boutique allows them to not only capitalize on their fashion forwardness, but give back to charity as well, NBC Latino reported.
Through the boutique, the women are able to give 10 percent of their quarter proceeds to different causes.
“I want people to know this is a company that is recognized in the fashion world, as well as the philanthropy world,” de la Cruz-Jean said to NBC Latino. “We don’t have one particular partnership – we change it every quarter, because we want to make an impact in all the organizations and causes that matter to every woman.”
The duo, which has been affiliated with other fundraisers like SafeSpace, an organization that grants refuge for abused women, and Art of Stepping, which provides creative programs for underprivileged youth, has made a habit of giving back.
“The beauty of it is that we’re involved in our community, and nationwide, and one day we want to have our own foundation,” Ortega said. “We want to use the purpose of serving as our main staple. Fashion is an add -on, but the main purpose is doing good.”
(Photo by Alma Mei via NBC Latino)