Top U.S. Latino CEOs


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Despite the slowly changing environment in participation and inclusion, only eight CEOs or 1.6 percent of Fortune 500 companies are Latinos, who continue to  face a glass ceiling when it comes to seating at the C-suite.
As reports, last year, five Latino CEOs made $5 million or more in compensation for  their leadership at major Fortune 500 corporations.
Here’s a look at who they  are and what they do:

George Paz is Chairman, CEO and President of Express  Scripts Holding Company.
Compensation: $12,754,690 FY 2012
Age: 57
George Paz joined Express Scripts in 1998 as SVP and CFO, and became  president in 2003. As a pharmacy benefits management corporation that handles prescription benefits for millions of Americans affiliated with private health care plans and government health care providers,Paz has led the company through three major mergers and has achieved earnings growth of 30 percent a year.
He is known for his unpretentious, cordial and consensus-building management style. However, he is aggressive and relentless when it comes to making decisions and handling numbers effectively.
His grandfather came from Mexico and settled with his family in Collinsville, Mo.

J. Paul Raines is CEO and Director of GameStop  Corp.
Compensation: $11,437,194 FY 2012
Age: 49
J. Paul Raines has been the chief executive officer of GameStop Corp. since June 2010, a company he joined in 2008 as chief operating officer.  GameStop Corp. is an American video game and entertainment software retailer  with $9.5 billion in annual revenue and 17,000 employees worldwide. The company is headquartered in Grapevine, Texas.
Raines moves quickly in a fast-paced industry in which technology change is  the name of the game. During his tenure, the company opened over 400 stores, and  acquired Spawn Labs, a startup that develops game streaming technology and  Kongregate, a social gaming destination and community site for gamers.
Born in San Jose, Costa Rica, his  father was an American U.S. Navy officer who met his mother in this Central  American country. His wife, Claudia, was born in Chile.

Carlos A. Rodriguez is CEO, President and Director of  ADP.
Compensation: $5,469,422 FY 2012
Age: 49
Carlos A. Rodriguez joined Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP) in 1999  through the company’s acquisition of Vincam, where Rodriguez shortly served as  Chief Financial Officer before becoming President of ADP TotalSource.
ADP is one of the largest providers of business outsourcing and human capital  management solutions. As president and chief operating officer since 2011, Rodriguez took the company to $11 billion in revenues, serving 620,000 clients  in more than 125 countries. Rodriguez chairs ADP’s executive diversity council,  a board that overseas and sets goals and metrics on human-capital results, and ties the compensation of senior leadership to diversity metrics.
Rodriguez, a Cuban born who came with his parents fleeing from the Castro regime, hold bachelor’s and master’s business administration degrees from  Harvard University.
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