Top U.S. Hispanic Organizations


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Since the term “Hispanic” was first used by the U.S. Census in  1970, much has changed for this community, but many  Hispanic organizations advocate for Latino  civil rights and advancement.  We include some of the top national U.S. Hispanic Organizations.

The list includes organization dedicated to Latinos and education,  the first step towards Latino advancement, as well as organizations which advocate for Latinos on Health related issues and in the Arts.

ASPIRA  Association

A few Hispanic organizations are dedicated to the  promotion and development of Latino arts.

With over 50 years of experience, this is the only national  Hispanic organization dedicated exclusively to developing the educational and  leadership capacity of Hispanic youth.

Organized in eight states and Puerto Rico, ASPIRA has extensive  national presence through its partnerships.

More than students, young Hispanics in this organization are  Aspirantes, a common name in Latino households. With over 450,000 alumni, almost  every Latino leader in politics, business and education in cities with Aspira  presence, has been an Aspirante, as this organization boasts.

Hispanic Association of Colleges and  Universities, (HACU)

Education is the key to Latino advancement, HACU reminds us.

Established in 1986 and committed to Hispanic higher education  success in the US, over two thirds of Latino college students attend a HACU institution.  Furthermore, those member colleges and universities with Hispanic enrollment of  25 percent or more are recognized as Hispanic–Serving Institutions (HSI).

HACU’s resources for Latinos include the resume database,  ProTalento, created to assist employers seeking qualified Hispanics.

National Association of Latino Arts  and Culture (NALAC)

NALAC is the leading non-profit organization dedicated to the  promotion and development of Latino arts.

Established by a group of prominent Latino artist, NALAC covers  numerous arts disciplines, ethnic heritages, and geographic regions since its  inception in 1986. NALAC offers grants and other resources for Latinos with the  aim to revitalize underfunded artistic communities.

More than $1.4 million in grants have been awarded since its  inception, with $196,000 only this year.

National Hispanic Scholarship Fund,  (NHSF)

Children’s health and education is priority for many  Hispanic organizations in the U.S. (Shutterstock)

Founded in 1975, HSF raises funds from corporations, foundations  and individuals to provide college scholarships to Latino students  nationwide.

Ensuring every Hispanic home in the U.S. has at least one college  graduate is the goal that has inspired NHSF to awardover $400 million in  scholarships to more than 57,000 students.

Over two thirds of recipients are first generation, low-income  Hispanics.

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