Today's Quinceañeras Influenced By Pop Culture


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With spring in full swing, bridal designers are showcasing their newest quinceañera gowns with styles to match every señorita’s fantasy.
The glamorous tulle and lace fabrics are still staples, along with the ever-popular strapless sweetheart necklines and structured corsets.
The surprise this year is an icy trend, as young Latinas are taking cues from Disney’s latest hit.
“Frozen the movie has been really big this year,” said Lilian Zayas Llanos, one of South Florida’s quinceañera experts.

“It’s still a fairytale type of event, and the girls now come in asking to look like Elsa, or the classic Belle or Cinderella,” she said.

Zayas Llanos has been in the business of quinceañera dresses for more than 18 years.
She says the “Frozen effect” is making girls opt for blues and colder hues, instead of just the typical ivories and pastels.
<img src=”″ alt=”Mardi gras style” width=”300″ height=”427″ />Her shop is even working on a customized dress with a cape, inspired by the queen of ice.
Mardi Gras themed parties are also electrifying the color palette.
“This year we are seeing more colors than ever before,” she said.
“Now the girls aren’t afraid of mixing bright colors like fuchsia or green with purple.”
Those bold colors are also being incorporated into the “Ombre” trend, with gowns featuring delicate gradients from brighter hues to white.
The eye-catching gowns wouldn’t be complete, without a sparkly tiara.
“The tiara makes the look,” said Stephanie Alvarado from Izzy Brie Jewelry.
“That’s what makes them feel like a princess.”
Some headpieces are inspired by celebrity looks, such as Kim Kardashian’s wedding headband with a middle-eastern feel.
Alvarado says girls are going for modern designs when it comes to…..
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