Tijuana and San Diego Enter Joint Bid for 2024 Olympics


Even though the 2024 Olympics are more than a decade away, San Diego and Tijuana have set their sights on hosting the Summer Games. . . together.
Chief Executive of the U.S. Olympic Committee Scott Blackmun said the two cities were among 10 to express interest in hosting, according to a report from NBC Latino. They entered as a joint bid.
The committee sent out letters to 35 American cities last February to gauge potential interest.
Regarding the joint bid, Blackmun said, “That would have its challenges. We haven’t looked at it carefully. We just learned about it.”
While Los Angeles and Philadelphia have made their interest in hosting public, Blackmun would not identify the other cities.
A report from the Los Angeles Times said the the host city should be selected by 2017.
Whether the International Olympic Committee would grant the bid to two countries that have already hosted the Games and the logistics of border crossing for athletes and fans were potential issues the Times raised regarding the joint bid.
(Photo by tauchris via Flickr)