There Are 17 Good Reasons To Learn Spanish


Both non-Spanish speaking Latinos and English speakers might be intrigued to now there are 17 good reasons to learn Spanish. Some are more practical than others but the most important reason might be for a better job.
Here are a few of the 17 reasons. According to a article,”According to the U.S Census Bureau, about 12 percent of U.S. residents speak Spanish at home. As a result rising number of jobs require Spanish or at least prefer individuals who can speak Spanish.” (Editor’s note: HuffingtonPostLatino for some reason spelled Spanish with a lowercase “s” but we have changed it in all instances to the correct uppercase spelling.)
Besides employment, there’s also the issue that most children will probably speak Spanish by 2050. As the article observes, “By 2050, the US will be the largest Spanish speaking country, according to Humberto López Morales, the general secretary of the Association of Spanish Language Academies.”
There’s also the side benefit that speaking Spanish helps your English. The article said, “Spanish is derived from Latin, like many words in English (via French). Learning Spanish will boost your vocab by familiarizing you with words that have fallen out of everyday use in English, but have common equivalents in Spanish.”