The New Spicy Colors and What Works for Latina Skin Tones


Fashionista and author Monica Diaz
New York City fashionista, consultant and author Monica Diaz has a lot to say about the “new” spicy colors for Latinas who like to dress with some zing. In her book “7 Days to Style,” Diaz studies the different skin tones of Latinas and the wild colors that suit them best.
The book gives readers tests to determine their skin tone and which colors look best on them, according to her article on Fox Latino News that gives complete fashion advice and tips.
Here is one of those simple tests:

  • Drape any piece of white clothing around your neck, making sure you have no makeup or jewelry. Notice how your skin and eyes look. Do the same thing with beige cloth. Which one looked better on you? Which one made you look alive and your eyes brighter? Which one made you look tired and sallow?
  • People with “Cool undertones” will look better in white cloth and look best in blue colors and silver jewelry. People with “warm undertones” look best in yellow hues and gold jewelry.
  • Most olive-skinned Latinas have cool undertones, Diaz writes, and look best in the colors of Paprika, chili pepper and saffron. Fairer Latinas look good in mustard yellow, pumpkin and olive green.