The Majority of Latino Internet Users Are Active on Social Media


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Social media is impacting our lives in so many different ways: The way we interact with people, they way we get the news, buy products, even how we perceive brands.
I remember a few years ago how important it was for a business owner to have a website so people could learn more about their products and services. Today, if you are not active in social media, it will put you at a big disadvantage with your competition. Plus, you are missing a whole world of opportunities to grow and expand your business. There are flourishing markets out there that may still have no idea your company even exists if you’re not promoting it with social media.
Based on a Pew Research study, 68% of Latino Internet users are active on Facebook, Twitter, and other social network sites compared to 58% of all U.S. Internet users. Facebook and Twitter platforms are taking the lead among Latinos. They are adapting social media at a very fast pace compared to non-Hispanics.  However, there are differences across demographics and subgroups within Latino Internet users.
Among Latinos ages 18-29 years old, 84% say they use social media sites. Also, U.S. born Hispanics are more likely than foreign-born Hispanics to use social networking sites—73% versus 63%.  English-dominant Hispanics are more likely than bilingual Hispanics or Spanish-dominant Hispanics to use social media sites—76% versus 67% and 61% respectively.
There is a great opportunity to expand your brand not only in the U.S., but also in South America through social media networks. Think for a minute. Having pages in Spanish will also help you expand your brand reach. For example, Clorox is doing a good job by promoting the Pine-sol brand in Spanish through their Facebook “bienvenida vida” and You Tube. Latinos see themselves as ….

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