The Latino Who Could Help Hillary Win The Presidency


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If Hillary Clinton wants to be president, her chances may depend on more than just wooing the record-setting Hispanic voting numbers who could determine the election in critical swing states.
Clinton’s best bet could be in hiring the one Latino who arguably could win her the presidency in a likely tough general election that may ultimately be decided by the rough and tumble politics played in the age of Tea Party zealotry.
That Latino is Michael Trujillo, a 35-year-old Californian who has been immersed in politics since childhood – and who may be the most controversial, feared and hated political consultants in America.
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“I would love the opportunity to carry the Hillary banner and carry it to those whether they be the Tea Party or some other organization,” says Trujillo, who helped win the Texas and California primaries for Clinton in 2008 and hopes to be on her 2016 campaign.

“I want the hardest race. I want the donnybrook…I want it to be a good old fashion political brawl.”
Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign is likely where the well-connected Trujillo will wind up, according to Democratic National Committee sources, though not without some critics gritting their teeth because he has proven to be a political maverick whose exuberance sometimes gets the best of him.
For instance, in a 2011 Los Angeles City Council campaign, an email was leaked to reporters in which Trujillo boasted to co-workers that he was about to “put a political bullet” in the head of the opposing candidate.
The email’s volatile rhetoric quickly became legendary in California politics, but it cost Trujillo, who was immediately fired from that job as well as from a local school board campaign.

“His name became synonymous with the cutthroat politics that had come to epitomize the (Antonio) Villaraigosa era,” The Los Angeles Weekly wrote in a profile of how controversial Trujillo has become.

But Trujillo is the consummate survivor, and he has remained invaluable to California political operatives and any politician looking to connect with the legitimate Hispanic voter enclaves in Los Angeles, especially in the San Fernando Valley.
Part of the reason is that he is boyishly likable and unabashedly self-deprecating…..
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