Texting Game Featuring Undocumenteds Met With Criticism


DoSomething.org recently introduced a new text message game that puts teens in the shoes of an undocumented high school student. The scenario game was designed to “make younger populations aware of what their peers might be going through,” but not everyone is playing along.
The game’s creators have failed to properly portray what an undocumented immigrant goes through in everyday life, an article by Luis Carl Lopez on Voxxi.com said.
“This game is an obvious, distasteful attempt to cash in on the popularity that has grown around the DREAM Act and immigration reform,” he wrote.
The game attempts to put players through the decision-making process an undocumented immigrant in high school may go through, such as whether you should take the bus to school or drive without a license, or whether to keep your undocumented status a secret or tell your guidance counselor.
Lopez’s overall verdict was that the game failed to reveal what it is actually like to be an undocumented immigrant in America. He said DoSomething.org’s “half-hearted humor” was not taken kindly and that the game “lacks substance, sensitivity and creativity.”
“Games such as these — as innocent as they aim to be — do nothing to drive change,” Lopez wrote.

(Photo by Jhaymesisviphotography via Flickr)