Teacher Creates A Latino Superhero Who Fights For Immigration Rights



Credit: Kye R. Lee
With both politicians and civilians holding strong opinions about how to regulate the U.S.-Mexico border, immigration can be a touchy topic. Hector Rodriguez, a Dallas teacher, has created comic book superhero El Peso Hero to bring those issues to light.
Debates over immigrant rights can get especially heated in Texas, where one in every six people is an immigrant, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.
Dallas in particular has a high percentage of Mexican immigrants. Rodriguez’s Latino comic book superhero, El Peso Hero, tackles everything from border crossings to immigration officials and drug violence.
Rodriguez spoke to Voxxi about how El Peso Hero’s story began, the community reaction, and his goals for the comic.
Rodriguez, a 2nd grade teacher in the  Dallas Independent School Disctrict, began writing El Peso Hero as a side project.
Having grown up in a Texas border town with a largely Hispanic population, the comic book creator said that he felt that “there was a misrepresentation of the Hispanic population in the mainstream” media. El Peso Hero sprung from that lack: “Kids in Spanish-speaking communities don’t have a hero that relates to them.”
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