Taking the Lead with Lissette Andino


Lissette Andino is relishing her newly created position of Regional Coordination Supervisor for CL&P activities in Fairfield County, working on the front lines with municipalities to keep the lines of communication open– and keep the lights on. Andino says she is most excited about the influence this new role will have as Northeast Utilities strengthens its community relationships going forward.
In addition to her large professional responsibilities, Andino is also president, founder and board member of Greater Bridgeport Latino Network (GBLN). “I started GBLN when I was new to the community. I needed a way to connect.”
Andino’s 13-year-old daughter is part of the GBLN family, attending meetings and events. “She sees the value in giving back to the community,” says Andino. “She knows there is always an opportunity to help.”
What’s next? “This year is a milestone year for me. I’ll be reflecting on what I’ve accomplished, where I want to go, and looking at things that bring value to me and my daughter!”
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