Survey: People of Latin American heritage don’t care if they are called Hispanic or Latino




People of Latin American heritage do not care whether they are called Hispanic or Latino, according to a Gallup poll released Friday.
This is likely because most Latinos identify primarily by country of origin rather than in pan-ethnic terms, an earlier poll by the Pew Hispanic Center suggested.
The Gallup poll asked whether people prefer the term “Latino” or “Hispanic,” and 70 percent said it didn’t matter. Ten percent preferred the term “Latino,” and 19 percent opted for “Hispanic.”
Women seemed to care more. Of those polled, 74 percent of men said the label did not matter, compared to 67 percent of women.
There were also age differences, with young people caring less than senior citizens. Of those under 29, 76 percent said they did not have a preference. Of those over 65, 33 percent favored “Hispanic, while 14 percent preferred “Latino.”
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