Succeed In An Online Job Interview


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In the digital age, preparing for a job interview can begin with the simple step of powering up your computer.
With tight budgets, nationwide searches and the ease of connecting through the Internet, job interviews increasingly are being redefined by the use of webcams and software applications like Skype.
Nationwide, the use of digital interviewing rose by 49% over the last two years, says Paul Bailo, a digital marketing/technology expert.
Bailo, author of the book “Essential Digital Interview Handbook,” says employers like using digital interviews because they can increase their candidate pool as well as reduce their costs for bringing in promising candidates. It also can be a test of sorts for companies looking for tech-savvy employees.
“Digital interviewing has become a new filtering tool to help human resource managers find the candidates they they want to meet in person,” Bailo says. “It is never going to replace the face-to-face meeting, but it is being used more as an extension of the whole interview process.”
Fresno employers say Skype is an effective way to filter through a large number of job candidates.
“It is as close to interviewing someone in person as we can get,” says Kathy Bray, president of Denham Resources, a recruiting and staff firm in Fresno. “And luckily, the technology has greatly improved.”
Bray recalls using the technology about 10 years ago to interview someone in another city. This was before the advent of high-speed Internet connections, and the interview resembled a badly dubbed film.
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