State Supreme Court Will Hear Case Of Former Hartford Mayor Perez


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Credit: Wikimedia Commons
The Connecticut Supreme Court has agreed to take up the case of former Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez, according to the court’s clerk.
Perez was found guilty in two corruption-related trials back in 2010. In one, he was charged with extortion, while in the other he was charged with bribery. The former mayor then appealed the verdicts and won — late last year, an appellate court panel reversed the convictions and ordered two new trials. The court said there was enough evidence to convict Perez, but that the trial court made procedural errors that called the cases into question.
State prosecutors then asked the supreme court to take the case up.  Perez opposed the move. And, according to the clerk and the judicial branch website, the court has agreed to do so. The state’s brief is due April 14.
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