State Needs To Fund Nonprofits Better


Connecticut is ranked seventh worst in the country when it comes to state government funding service agencies in relation to their actual expenses. That’s a recipe for fiscal disaster for most nonprofits across the state.
The Connecticut Post in an editorial says, “Nearly three-quarters of the nonprofit agencies that provide crucial services to the elderly, handicapped and needy in the state are in danger of going under. More than 15 percent have depleted their operating reserves completely, and more than 40 percent are operating on a yearly deficit.”
There isn’t much hope that the situation is going to improve. “The nonprofits are desperate, yet they know not to hope for help from the state. The current year’s budget is already almost $30 million in the red,” the editorial states.
It also calls for action from Governor Malloy. “The people served by these agencies are hurting the most in the terrible economy. The answer to state budget problems must not be to make their pain even worse.”