Sometimes Translating Spanish Phrases Just Doesn't Make Sense


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Since there are many versions of different Spanish sayings and many different meanings, it is impossible to gather them all up. When looking at Ana Maria Benedetti’s article, “Spanish Phrases That Literally Make No Sense“, even my mom wasn’t familiar with all of them. While looking through them, I noticed some I use often and some that I had never heard of. These phrases can create confusion among people who take them literally. Have you ever had a problem with Spanish phrases making absolutely no sense? We’d love to hear Spanish phrases that aren’t mentioned in either posts or funny stories regarding literal translations!
Some more that my family thought of include:
No manches Direct translation: Don’t stain Used as: No way
Con las manos en la masa Direct translation: With the hands in the dough Used as: You were caught
A otro perro con ese hueso Direct translation: Another dog with that bone Used as: You are pulling my leg
La carne de burro no es transparente Direct translation: The meat of the donkey is not transparent Used as: I can’t see through you
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