Six Ways to De-Stress This Summer


The key to a more relaxing summer for Latinos may be as simple as walking out the front door. Now that longer days have arrived, there’s more time for outdoor activities, which some studies say could lead to less stress this summer.
According to the Huffington Post, “Access to green space has been linked with less stress, while exposure to sunlight might also reduce blood pressure and improve overall health, according to a small study published earlier this year.”
The report listed six activities, some of which are typically indoor activities which can be taken outside, as ways to reduce stress and have fun in the outdoors.
Check these off your summer to-do list: walking in the park, gardening, doing yoga outside, walking the dog, bike riding, and outdoor meditation.
For more tips on a stress-free summer, read the full story here.
(Photo by Tom Mooring via Flickr)