Simpson Calls 'A Smart Niche'


Writing in his opinion column for the Hartford Courant, columnist Stan Simpson calls, entrepreneurial, digital and interactive. Or, as he adds, “the start up that is is a business plan that is long overdue.”
He writes, “Publisher Diane Alverio and her partners are on to something with the unveiling of There is not an advertiser, business or politician for that matter, that doesn’t want to tap and attach themselves to the fastest growing demographic in the country. The Latino population in Connecticut is 13.8 percent, close to 500,000 — and growing exponentially. There are about 50 million Latinos in the United States; a 46 percent increase since 1990 and more than double the size in 1990.”
Simpson, who hosts a weekly show on Fox CT, also called to task the newspaper business that used to employ him as a full-time columnist. “The newspaper industry, however, historically has done little to hire Latino reporters, sales people or managers. So, there is no connection to potential customers — with growing disposable incomes — who could increase profits. The inaction in responding to the market change comes with a price — declining profits and market share,” he wrote.
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