Rundown Of Prospective 2016 Presidential Candidates


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Credit: Wikimedia Commons
When asked about whether he’s got an eye on the 2016 presidential race, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz likes to say: “My focus is entirely on the U.S. Senate.”
At the same time, he’s made moves that have made many skeptical about his insistence that he’s not thinking about running in 2016.
The Tea Party Republican from Texas has made the obligatory pilgrimage to that shrine of presidential campaigning – Iowa, whose caucuses are the opening act of the nomination contest.
In fact, Cruz has gone four times in the last eight months.
His fellow Republican, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, who, like Cruz, is Cuban-American, also has been coy about his 2016 plans.
But he, too, has engaged in activities that has many convinced that he’s aiming for the Oval Office.
Rubio has made political appearances in Iowa, and he also has put himself at the forefront of several national and international policy debates.
Last year, he took a lead role in bipartisan Senate efforts to pass comprehensive immigration reform. His high profile on that issue made him a fixture on Sunday morning news shows.
He shrank from the spotlight by design, however, after he drew fire from conservatives for backing the provision in a Senate immigration measure – which passed in June – that allowed for a path to legal status for undocumented immigrants.
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