Rubio No Longer a Possible VP Candidate


U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio greets the troops in Afghanistan.
NBCLatino is reporting that U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio is no longer under consideration to be a vice presidential running mate with GOP presumed nominee Mitt Romney.
Republican strategist Danny Vargas says if this is the case, he is not surprised. “While Rubio could have brought a level of understanding about Latinos as well as the philosophies of Tea Party activists, such as limited government growth, he has only been on the national legislative scene for two years,” says Vargas, in an NBC Latino interview.
There’s also the problem, according to Stephen Nuño, who teaches political science at Northern Arizona University and who is writing a book on Republican outreach to Latinos, that Rubio is, well, too Latino. He won’t appeal to blue-collar, white voters, in states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.
According to the article, Republicans aren’t as concerned with demographics as they are experience. Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is considered a strong contender, as is former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty.
Another interesting reason that Rubio might be off the list is he attended the Mormon Church as a child (but does not practice the religion now). Some political observers say it isn’t possible for Romney to have a Mormon (granted former Mormon) running mate, especially when most Americans are skeptical of the Mormon faith. Rubio has been both confirmed and married in the Catholic church.
Does this mean Rubio’s star is diminished? Not necessarily. His age, 41, as well as his recent high-exposure book tour are keeping him in the spotlight regardless of his campaign role in the presidential race.
Photo courtesy of Rubio Senate website.