Rove's Plan for Latino Voters Gets It Wrong


Leading Republican Karl Rove’s plan to engage Latino voters on behalf of the Republican party is wrong according to a political commentary at because he overestimates how conservative these voters are.
In the article, Irin Carmon writes that Republicans shouldn’t take Latinos’ conservatism, including their views on abortion, for granted. “First of all, being religious doesn’t mean you vote according to the dictates of your church, and Latino voters have consistently told pollsters that they don’t,” Carmon writes.
Research polling backs up that observation. In the article Carmon cites an ABC News Election Day exit poll. “Not only did Latinos broadly go for pro-choice candidates, according to ABC’s exit polling, but 66 percent of Latino voters across the country also said abortion should be legal. That’s higher than the general population, 59 percent of whom said abortion should be legal,” Carmon writes.
Quoting Jessica González-Rojas, the executive director of the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, the article also reports that Latinos overwhelmingly supported the Affordable Care Act, including its birth control coverage provisions, and back gay marriage.
Photo (c) Karl Rove Facebook page