Republicans Will Target Latinos in TV Campaign


Controversial GOP consultant Dick Morris has been engaged by the Republican National Committee to create a new TV commercial with the goal of attracting Latino voters.
Joe Strupp, writing at, reports, “Morris [said] the ad will make use of ‘that concept of reflecting back to people their own value and their own worth. In the advertisement he [Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus] says, ‘we honor our ancestors who took covered wagons to settle the west and brave the Indians, but you are the new pioneers, you are the new people in America doing that.’ And I think that is a very, very interesting thing to do in a campaign.”
In response to another question, from Media Matters, about the negative impact on Latino voters from conservative media who oppose immigration reform, Morris agreed it hurts the party. “I think that many of them do and they do hurt, but I think that they are increasingly having to backtrack because they see the changes in their own constituency,” Morris said of conservative media voices. “So what they’re saying now is, not ‘I’m against immigration reform,’ they’re saying ‘I’m for it. I just want a higher wall.’ You know, at the border. And Latinos in the U.S. don’t really care how high the wall is, they just want the people who are here not to be deported.”