Republicans: Eva Longoria’s Latino Initiative Is A Democratic Front Group


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The Republican National Committee (RNC) argues a high-profile campaign backed by Eva Longoria meant to elevate Latino candidates is really a partisan group created to elect more Democrats, in a letter first provided to BuzzFeed.
In the letter, the RNC says a nonpartisan organization dedicated to giving Latinos a greater voice in politics by supporting Latino candidates is a worthy cause, but that the Latino Victory Project is not being truthful about its intentions.
Longoria and Henry Muñoz III, Democratic National Committee (DNC) finance chair, founded the political action committee last year, with the stated purpose of elevating Latino political participation.
The letter attacks Muñoz for appearing on MSNBC in front of a DNC banner while promoting a nonpartisan organization. Longoria is also called out for an interview she did with Jorge Ramos, in which she named Latino candidates the Latino Victory Project would support and officials who are having an impact in politics, but did not name any Republicans.
“You didn’t highlight the leadership of Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who are two of only three Hispanic U.S. senators,” the RNC letter reads. “Nor did you mention either of the nation’s Latino governors—Brian Sandoval of Nevada and Susana Martinez of New Mexico—both of whom are Republicans.”
In an interview with BuzzFeed, Cristobal Alex, the Latino Victory Project’s president, fired back and questioned whether the RNC really wanted to get into a debate about elevating Latino voices.
“It’s ridiculous that the RNC would question our mission to raise the political participation among Latinos,” Alex said. “This sense of justice doesn’t seem to affect them” when it comes to other conservative groups like Crossroads, Americans for Prosperity, or the Libre Initiative, he argued, listing several outside conservative groups that are de facto partisan groups
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